About WTDSP Lab.

Wireless Transceiver Design and Signal Processing (WTDSP) Laboratory was established at National Sun Yat-Sen University, Kaohsiung, Taiwan, in 2011 fall. As the name characters, the WTDSP Lab., is engaged in development of advanced transceiver system and the related signal processing algorithms for the next generation wireless communication system. Currently, our research interests are the applications of the optimization theory in:

  • Energy harvesting design in cognitive radio systems.
  • Full-duplex system in MU-MIMO, cooperative systems
  • Distributed optimization in parallel signal process
  • Message passing signal process
  • Hybrid precoder design in massive MIMO system
  • Precoder design in NOVA systems

If you are the guy who plays hard and works harder, welcome to join us.

Lab site : EC2016a (電資大樓2F)
Lab Tel : 07-5252000 ext.4478

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